Scarlet Ribbon Merino - Our Story_ARCHIVE

By Stephanie Eynon, Founder and Director

In my native Australia, I grew up wearing Merino wool. I love it! It is such an incredible fibre that is unrivalled in its functional qualities, which together with its natural beauty make it truly unique. Warm in winter, cool in summer, beautifully soft, comfortable and resistant to pilling, Merino has always been my first choice when choosing knitwear or active wear for myself. And, when I had children, I learnt about the benefits of dressing your baby in Merino to ensure their safety and comfort.

Wanting to dress my children in warm, natural, breathable fibres, I found it frustrating that much of knitwear available in the UK contained either no wool or very little. The 100% wool knitwear I did find was often itchy, uncomfortable and very bulky for dressing babies, or very delicate, expensive and impractical for every day wear. Furthermore, much of the Merino wool clothing that was available was exclusively sleepwear or base-layers (underwear).

So in 2014 and one year after the arrival of my third child, the idea for Scarlet Ribbon Merino was born - a combination of my love of Merino as well as a desire to address the limited amount of comfortable and practical 100% woollen knitwear available for children and in particular, babies, in the UK.  The name is comes from a native Australian wildflower, the Scarlet Ribbon, around which we developed the signature red ribbon detailing to represent our distinct mark of quality for each piece in the range. All knitwear is made from the finest 100% Extrafine Merino Wool.

I am really excited to introduce the Scarlet Ribbon Merino 2015/16 winter launch collection. It is a 5 piece range of knitwear and accessories for babies 0-18 months. We wanted to start small, and, given the multiple benefits of dressing babies in Merino, this seemed the most appropriate age range to focus on! Everyone wants their baby looking their best when out and about, but this often means compromising on comfort and/or practicality. Scarlet Ribbon Merino knitwear has been designed to be timeless, but not antiquated and beautiful without being impractical. In fact, it’s the opposite; each piece in the collection is designed to be a baby ‘staple’; everyday wear that is simple yet stylish, with our signature Scarlet Ribbon detailing. There are no tricky fastenings or delicate design features, allowing your baby total freedom to crawl, run, sleep, eat and play and allowing you to easily dress and change them.

With Scarlet Ribbon you will be wrapping your little treasure in nature’s best every day. Not only will you be keeping them warm, safe and comfortable, whatever the weather, they will also be looking smart, whatever the occasion!

To complement our beautiful range of knitwear, we have also created two styles of gorgeous, handmade leather baby shoes in two colours.