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Merino Knitwear for Babies 0-18m


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Beautifully Soft. Naturally Practical.

At Scarlet Ribbon we make beautiful merino wool knitwear for babies 0-18m.  Our timeless pieces combine luxury with every day practicality - a must for busy, style conscious mums.  And, the incredible natural qualities of Merino Wool means you will be wrapping them up in nature’s very best!  

What makes our wool different?

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Babyproofing your Home

April 05, 2018

Babyproof your home, Babyproofing your home, tips for babyproofing your home

The first year of your baby’s life is filled with milestones, every little development met with pride and joy.  But once confined to a safe, soft area of your choosing, at around 8 months your little one hits a big one; crawling (or scooting, as some babies prefer).

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Scarlet Ribbon Merino – Simple. Sustainable. Stylish

March 13, 2018

Buy Less. Choose Well. Make it Last.

By the time your baby reaches their first birthday they will have tripled in weight, and increased in height by about 50%. When hundreds of thousands of babies each year are growing out of their clothing in a matter of months, you can imagine the wastage. In this modern day we particularly love convenience; you can pop to the shops and by a pack of 3 button close babygros for £8. But should you? We like to follow the mantra of Vivienne Westwood, broken down into the following....

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