The Campaign For Wool

Scarlet Ribbon Merino is proud to be part of the Campaign for Wool!

Campaign for Wool Supporter

Launched in 2010, the Campaign for Wool is a global initiative,founded by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales.  It brings together leading figures from the fashion, interior design, carpet manufacturing and building industries to promote the benefits of wool and encourage the use of this incredible and versatile fibre. 


Natural, biodegradable and a 100% renewable resource, wool is a much better alternative to synthetic fibres and more importantly,  buying wool rewards all the hardworking sheep farmers across the world.  Since The Campaign for Wool was launched in 2010, there has been a global increase in the demand for wool and an increase in the price paid to the wool growers (sheep farmers). This is a very important breakthrough!  For many farmers, the cost of producing wool far outweighs the what they get for the fleece and as a result,  many producers are downsizing or stopping farming altogether.  This is bad news for the environment as sheep are key to maintaining the world's pastures and countryside. To find out more about the Campaign for Wool visit the website: