5 Top Tips for Dressing Newborn Babies in Spring

March 22, 2016

5 Top Tips for Dressing Newborn Babies in Spring

The daffodils are in full bloom, the first bees are buzzing and springtime in the UK is in full swing. With the arrival of this new season comes beautiful bright sunny days and blue skies, but there is often still a chill in the air, and the temperature can be changeable from one hour to the next. More time outside brings new challenges to dressing your newborn baby.


You need to think about more than just style with the fluctuating temperatures. In the same way you would layer to easily add or remove clothing, you can do the same for your baby. Always consider adding one more layer than you would wear when dressing a newborn. 

Bodysuits are a staple in the wardrobe of a baby to be worn as an under layer. Transition for the changing weather by pairing with leggings and a cardigan. Great for both girls and boys, they offer a cosy layer when needed but can easily be removed when the temperature rises.  Wonderfully soft and warm, the 100% Merino wool leggings have an elasticated waist making them easy to take on and off. Our beautifully soft Merino wool cardigan is a versatile piece. With its classic tailoring, it’s sure to keep your baby comfortable and looking smart too. 

Merino wool breathes naturally to keep your baby comfortable, whatever the weather. Unlike traditional wool and cashmere, it also regulates body temperature, creating a microclimate against the skin that changes according to the outside temperature. It helps keep your baby warm when it’s cool, and cool as the temperature rises, making it perfect for Spring, and particularly good for babies as they have difficulty regulating their body temperature.

Be prepared with a light stretchy blanket such as the Scarlet Ribbon Merino Baby Blanket. It’s great for swaddling, or for keeping your baby cosy when the sun disappears and the frostiness in the air returns.


Practical Luxury

Choose clothing that is easy to take on and off as you’ll be changing your baby a lot in the first few months. Our core collection is designed to bring practical luxury to baby’s everyday wear. Zips will become your friend and opting for a one-piece suit doesn’t mean your baby can’t look smart. Knitted in beautifully soft Merino wool, our Day Suit combines understated design with luxury and practicality.  A concealed full length zipper runs from the neck to ankle, allowing quick and easy nappy changes.

Head to Toe

Wearing a hat will prevent your baby losing heat from their head. Opting for a soft natural fibre such as Merino will keep them warm whilst helping to prevent overheating.  The Scarlet Ribbon Merino rib-stitched hat is knitted in beautifully soft and cosy Extrafine Merino wool that makes it extra stretchy for a snug and comfortable fit. The side flaps cover the ears and the chin tie keeps the hat secure.

Tiny tootsies need to be kept warm too but babies often find a way to kick socks off. Made of soft, stretchy material, Sock Ons are designed to fit over regular socks, keeping them firmly in place no matter how hard your baby kicks and tugs.

A sling for spring

Sunny days are good for your soul and for your health too. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. A sling can give you a fabulous sense of freedom and babies love being snuggled close. Baby carriers can work wonders to calm a baby in the fourth trimester because they feel secure and close to you. It also means you can be hands free, and makes travelling in to town a breeze, not having to worry about getting up and down stairs.

Ergo baby and Lillebaby have a range of great options that are comfortable for both you and baby, or Caboo make softer less structured slings. Try before you buy and find the right model for you. A sling library is a great way to research your options and get advice. 


Be prepared for April showers...

Don’t be fooled by the sunshine. Think of your pram cover like you would an umbrella and don’t leave home without it, especially in April when showers are almost guaranteed. Not only will it keep your baby dry, but it can also act as a wind shelter if the breeze picks up making sure your baby is cosy too.

Making sure your baby is dry is of course the priority but don’t forget yourself. A decent raincoat and a hat are must, as pushing a pram whilst holding an umbrella is not an easy task. 

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