Classic Baby Names Stand the Test of Time

Here at Scarlet Ribbon Merino we are big fans of the classic style. Timeless, refined and trustworthy.  It seems the nation are following suit when it comes to baby names; increasingly favouring the classic options.   

Choosing a baby name can be a difficult decision. Not only do you and your partner have to find something you both agree on, but it’s something your baby will have for life. It seems classic baby names never really fall out of fashion and traditional classics prove they can stand the test of time over and over, often featuring in the top 100 lists. Some old fashioned favourites are continuing to rise in popularity year after year while more modern names are falling.

Classic novel names such as Emma, Charlotte and Emily are female choices that always prove popular with parents. Royal inspired names such as Kate and Victoria are also favourites that continue to appear in the top 100 annually, however it appears the new Princess didn’t cause a baby Charlotte surge as it actually dropped two places last year! 

When it comes to boys names, Oliver, Harry, George and James all featured in the 2015 top 10 list. Names with biblical origins like Jonathan, Samuel and Joseph prove popular and are strong traditional choices - Anne Hathaway's new baby boy Jonathan being a recent example- while William and Benjamin are both classic names that have stood the test if time.  Period TV shows such as Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey have also inspired some traditional naming choices in recent years.

There are a new generation of names ripe for revival that used to be more commonplace in the era of our grandparents. It’s not unusual to come across old fashioned names like Wilfred, Stanley, Ivy or Elsie in the playground, while Arthur and Florence are both two of the highest rising names. Perhaps vintage grandparent chic is the next trend in naming! 

To see the full list of Top 100 boys and girls names for 2015 , click here.

And if you are in the process of choosing a name for your baby...Good Luck!  I hope we have provided some food for thought.