Beauty Tips For New Mums

May 13, 2016

Beauty Tips For New Mums

Here at Scarlet Ribbon Merino, we know that being a new mum can be hard work. And, more often than not, maintaining your old, pre-baby beauty regime becomes almost impossible! So we've been busy gathering some of our friends in the know and, over the course of the month, we will be sharing a range of beauty tips, tricks, shortcuts and expert advice to hopefully give you a helping that even when you are time poor and sleep deprived, you can still look and feel great*! 

Our first post in the series is full of expert hair and beauty tips...

We know what it’s like. You can barely find the time to eat and you’re avoiding mirrors at all costs as the sleepless nights are really starting to take their toll. Long pampering sessions and a complex beauty regime are distant memories, but with a few smart beauty tips and tricks you can erase the sleepless nights and fool everybody that motherhood is a breeze...


Don’t skimp on your skin. It is the foundation to everything and the first place that gives away signs of tiredness. Good skin starts with great cleansing. You might be using the most advanced, expensive skin creams but if you’re skipping the cleanse at the end of the day, you’re wasting your time and money. Cleansing is a chance to take 5 minutes for yourself. It might only be five minutes but actively making time for yourself is really powerful. Your skin will thank you for it and it may even mean that you need less make up.

Cleansing balms are a great way to give your skin a daily treat. Designed to be used on dry skin, these luxurious cleansers are designed to be massaged on to dry skin, then rinsed with warm water and a flannel or muslin cloth for a deep cleanse. Our favourite is Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm . This powerful treatment balm is designed to dissolve away make-up and daily grime whilst leaving your skin soft and moisturised. Enriched with natural oils, this instant beauty treat can even be used like a treatment mask for an extra moisture boost.  

Beauty journalist Helen Parsons has recently become a new mother herself and says: "The biggest upheaval for me (and everyone I imagine) has to be the sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep means my skin has less of a chance to repair itself - cell regeneration is at its peak during the night. A fake tan and hyaluronic acid will give a glow and help restore hydration. I’ve found a couple of drops of Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster mixed into Garnier Moisture Bomb Night Gel Cream works for me.”  


Your hair is probably the last thing you are thinking about until it starts to fall out, and you realise how much you loved your lustrous pregnant mane. Even if you don’t have time for complicated styling, think about products and techniques that will boost volume to also help boost your confidence.

Hair Stylist and Make Artist Lucy St John advises washing your hair upside down for the ultimate volume boost: Wash twice through thoroughly with shampoo, then condition as normal but ensure you keep your hair forward. Towel dry then blow-dry with your head upside down for extra volume.


You can barely find time to shower and brush your teeth let alone attempt a 25 product make-up routine every morning, so finding a few key multi-tasker products is key: having less time for your make up doesn’t mean your final look has to be compromised.

Beauty journalist Katie Corcoran swears by a good BB cream or tinted moisturiser, both of which have multiple benefits; A moisture boost, a fresh faced glow and some may also provide other skincare benefits too. We love Erborian Crème au Ginseng ,which claims to give you a ‘baby skin effect’. It’s not quite as soft as your own newborn baby’s skin but it’s not far off and it gives a fabulous radiant finish.  

Multi-purpose colour products that you can use on lips and cheeks will work wonders to give you an instant glow. We love the Becca Beach Tint,which is a make-up artist favourite. It goes on sheer but can be built up for more colour. Very easy to blend with your fingertips, apply as you need throughout the day for a pop of colour. It’s water- resistant, making it a great travel product too. A multi-tasking moisture balm is also a handbag must-have. Keep in your bag to use on lips, hands and even on your cheekbones to add radiance. There is so many different types to choose from, so go for one that you like both the texture and the fragrance of.


If you’ve had a particularly rough night you’ll appreciate this instant wake up tip for your eyes from Nicola Johnstone of Style Fix : Always keep two teaspoons in the fridge. When you feel like you need some extra help for your tired eyes, put the cold teaspoons on your closed eyes to help reduce puffiness and dark circles. Cool cucumber slices will also work well even if you don’t have time to relax spa style. Just walk around holding one on each eye at a time for 5 minutes for an instant refresh and pick me up.

If your coffee and shower isn’t working to wake you up, beauty journalist and editor of Babyurbeautiful Lauren Naylor also has an instant eye awakening make up trick: “Go naked! Swap your dark kohl for something lighter in a nude shade to hide the tell-take red eyes. Backstage at London Fashion Week, make-up artists swear by nude liner to disguise late nights, sore eyes and jet lag. Sweep your chosen nude along the waterline (above the lashes) and then add lashings of charcoal mascara to make your eyes really ‘pop’.”

Finally, invest in your eyebrows. A well-groomed brow will give your face an instant lift. For further definition try a natural brow make up such as Delilah Brow LineFirst, brush your brows in an upwards motion for extra lift before applying short, sharp strokes for natural definition. If you’re struggling to find the time to apply make-up daily, then think about tinting your brows for extra definition...and some natural looking lash extensions will instantly open up your eyes.  

*Readers should note that the authors of this blog post are not qualified medical professionals and are giving our opinions based on our own experiences. Please check with your own healthcare professional when using new products during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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