Scarlet Ribbon Merino – Simple. Sustainable. Stylish

Buy Less. Choose Well.

By the time your baby reaches their first birthday they will have tripled in weight, and increased in height by about 50%. When hundreds of thousands of babies each year are growing out of their clothing in a matter of months, you can imagine the wastage. In this modern day we particularly love convenience; you can pop to the shops and by a pack of 3 button close babygros for £8. But should you? We like to follow the mantra of Vivienne Westwood, broken down into the following.

Buy Less. One of the biggest issues new parents face is quick growth, which this means we will prioritise buying lots of clothing rather than seeing the benefits of quality. Most mass produced baby clothing contains synthetic materials or is treated with bleaches and chemicals. However with our merino wool, there are many benefits for health and comfort. It will help your baby maintain a good body temperature with its natural breathability, it is naturally odour repelling, and is so soft that even a child with eczema will not feel irritation.

Choose Well. The second dilemma parents face is how much a baby costs. From the nearly 3,000 nappies they will get through in their first year, to the one- off costs of cots, buggies and car seats, clothes are just another never-ending expenditure. Scarlet Ribbon Merino clothing is an investment that is made worthwhile by the fact that it will last as it is handed down to younger siblings. Furthermore, the durability of merino wool means that it can be washed easily and will last for many a wear and can be worn daily, beating the false economy of discount baby clothing.

Make it Last. Finally, although it may be the last thing on your mind when you are juggling a newborn, is the environmental factor. Sustainability in baby fashion is often a foreign concept, but in the age of fast throwaway fashion it is essential. Not only is our merino wool from a sustainable source and certified by multiple organisations, the classic styles have enduring, understated charm. This means you can keep your Scarlet Ribbon Merino babywear as an heirloom, pass down to your second child, gift to a friend or sibling when they have their firstborn, and even to grandchildren. Throughout its life it will have low impact, washed on an environmentally friendly wool wash, and after years of love and wear, it will biodegrade safely.

When you are next deciding what clothing to get your baby, or to gift to your friend at the birth of their own, maybe you will think of Scarlet Ribbon Merino. And for the sake of your baby, your wallet, and our planet, remember:

Buy Less. Choose Well. Make it last.