The Simple Pleasure of Decluttering


De-clutter your life

Decluttering the space around you is great for helping to declutter your mind – and as a new year dawns, what better way to kickstart a happy, productive 2018 than by indulging in the simple pleasure of reviving your surroundings. Out with the old, and in with new ways of maximising the usability of the items you choose. Here’s how we recommend embracing decluttering this new year…

Choose Smart Storage

Great storage solutions can make the difference between chaotic surroundings and bringing a little more peace to your environment. The effect on your life will be momentous, allowing you room to breathe and spend more time with loved ones. Even the most modest space can be improved through clever decluttering, creating an oasis of calm which is also much safer for little ones to enjoy. Invest in a few storage solutions which complement your décor to make it faster and easier to clear space fast.  We love, which has some really smart storage solutions- many of which are on sale this month!

Invest in Timeless Pieces 

In our fast-paced society, there is a tendency to treat many of our resources – food, packaging, even clothing – as disposable. Instead of focusing only on the now, consider each purchase as an investment for the future. At Scarlet Ribbon Merino, we focus on a more economical way of living, understanding that the simple things in life are often the most important. Our baby clothes are not only super-stylish and functional, but timeless. The simplicity of our designs and range of colourways ensures your baby’s wardrobe can be passed down to future generations and enjoyed for many years to come. Our stunning wool baby cardigan is a particularly valuable hand-me-down piece sure to live many lives regardless of the colour you choose. Fashioned from high-quality merino wool, Scarlet Ribbon Merino’s beautifully soft and naturally practical garments encapsulate the ethos of decluttering while keeping baby safe and secure. 

Opt for Multi-Purpose Items

To truly declutter, it helps to choose items which serve more than one purpose. This applies to everything in your home, including clothes. Our natural baby clothes are durable enough to see your baby through each new season, ensuring you don’t need to buy too many new items to build a functional and stylish wardrobe for your new arrival.  Just as decluttering your space will likely mean streamlining your own wardrobe, consider the simple pleasure of creating a capsule wardrobe for your baby which will last until baby outgrows them, not until they wear out.

For some more great tips on decluttering, visit where they have put together 10 creative ideas for decluttering your home.