The Story of Scarlet Ribbon

Scarlet Ribbon Our story

Scarlet Ribbon Merino’s award-winning, all-natural, super-stylish baby clothes have been making waves through the babywear landscape since their launch in 2 years ago. In celebration of Australia Day on 26th January, here we reveal the true story behind what makes the brand unique…

Early Beginnings

Scarlet Ribbon

Scarlet Ribbon Merino’s story begins in Australia, where Scarlet Ribbon’s founder, Stephanie Eynon, grew up. It was there she discovered the joy of super-soft merino wool. Australia’s native merino sheep produce the fashion world’s finest natural fibres – and though it would be many years before Stephanie created the Scarlet Ribbon range, this is where it all started.

Why Merino?

There is no fabric on earth quite like merino. Its soft, elastic and breathable -  while still regulating body temperature, repelling odours and creating a natural UV barrier. Wool is also among the eco-friendliest fabrics anyone can choose, perfect for avoiding wasteful processes and instead adopting the sustainable ethos and principles which are at the core of the Scarlet Ribbon brand.

The benefits of merino are closely linked with the climate of Australia, and merino wool is relied upon by some of the world’s top designers as their wool of choice – super soft, flexible and durable. When handling harsh terrains and unforgiving extremes of temperature, Merino sheep have been gifted a power-pack in the form of their rich, luxurious merino wool which seamlessly adapts to suit their conditions. Scarlet Ribbon Merino offers the same durability and flexibility to baby clothes, without compromising on softness and style.  And importantly, it's a sustainable and biodegradable fabric. If you’re travelling in 2018, consider investing in some high-quality merino wool babywear to try merino out for yourself. Keep baby safe and comfy throughout long haul flights with the zip-up daysuit, perfect for teaming with a Babygro. Designed in a range of stunning colourways as the ideal travel piece for babies aged 0-18 months, this smart travel gear will ensure baby stays smart and cosy wherever life takes you!  

Launching Scarlet Ribbon Merino

After becoming a parent for the third time, Stephanie searched for babywear which made the most of this wonder fabric, determined children shouldn’t miss out on one of Australia’s finest exports. Soon enough, she realised there was a gap in the market for timeless and practical baby daywear designs  – and this is when Scarlet Ribbon Merino was born! Launched 2 years ago Scarlet Ribbon Merino makes beautiful baby clothes with a difference - offering style, practicality and a truly timeless quality.  Scarlet Ribbon...where sustainability meets luxury and practicality.  Our clothing is great for little people and the planet!