6 Ways to recharge after the summer

September 28, 2017

Autumn. Ways to recharge after summer

Recharge after summer.  Autumn Baby

As autumn draws in and we begin to say goodbye to summer for another year..although it does seem to be hanging on a bit.. it’s time to start planning ways of recharging our batteries. The kids are back at school, Christmas is fast approaching – and here at Scarlet Ribbon Merino, we recommend these tried and tested measures to help you readjust to the change of season in preparation for the winter and the festive period…

  1. Get fit and healthy

After all our summer indulgences, it’s time to take health seriously again, which means cutting down on the wine and getting a few early nights! Finding ways of staying in shape is important as the weather turns colder – though it often takes a lot to stay motivated. If you are not a gym member, contact your local leisure centre to find out about exercise classes close to you. You could even try something different like adult ballet classes or boxing. And recruiting some friends to join you will motivate your attendance over the winter months!  

  1. Arrange some time away

Outside of the traditional ‘holiday’ season of summer, it can be difficult for many of us to allocate time away from our responsibilities – but to keep energy levels up and avoid burnout, it’s all the more important to do so. Make sure to set aside a little time, whether it’s a weekend, a holiday or even just a night away from your everyday life. This gives you something to look forward to and makes time with your family and your baby all the more special.

  1. Refresh your wardrobe

There’s no need to rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but be sure to pack away your summer clothes and ensure you’re kitted out for autumn/winter 2017. This goes for both you and baby! Scarlet Ribbon Merino has many key pieces ideal to take your baby through the new season, including our versatile cardigan and baby leggings set, baby zip-up daysuit and pop-pom hat – perfect to keep baby’s head warm and prevents heat escaping.

  1. Set goals for Christmas

There’s still time to get a few things in order before Christmas arrives. Whether a personal goal, work-related or child-related, it’s always valuable to have something to work towards, and now’s the perfect chance to get started.

  1. Get organised

We all overlook things during Summer – but Autumn’s the time to take care of a few sneaky responsibilities. Dentist appointments, baby check-ups, that DIY project you’ve been putting off, even updating your resume – hit the ground running and you’ll have ticked these things off your checklist in no time at all! You could also start working on a list of Christmas presents for loved ones. It might seem early, but the festive season will roll around before you know it! Why not try a Scarlet Ribbon unisex baby gift? They make ideal presents for new parents.  And if you are in or fancy a trip to London, come and see us at the Spirit of Christmas Fair Stand A23a .  It’s the perfect venue for getting all your Christmas shopping done!

  1. Get back into a routine

Getting you and your baby back into a routine is important to make sure you achieve everything you want to achieve before Christmas. Write it up and place your routine somewhere you can’t miss it to help you stay on track to achieve your goals!


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