Travelling With Your Baby – Part 2: Getting The Show On The Road

June 07, 2018

Travelling With Your Baby – Part 2: Getting The Show On The Road

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So you’re all booked, all packed, and the day has finally arrived! Hopefully thanks to our previous blog you feel well prepared, so now there’s just the travelling to figure out...


Chances are you are going either by car, train, plane or a combination of these, so let us tackle these one at a time

DRIVING – If you are driving, don’t expect the usual record breaking drive down the M4; your little one will need breaks for snacks, fresh air, a change of scenery, and a nappy change here and there. Consider driving through the night to get to your destination – but make sure you aren’t too tired yourself! If your baby is sleeping through the night this will give you the least stressful journey possible.

One of the biggest benefits to driving is there are no other passengers around to be bothered by a less than perfect baby. And don’t feel restricted to Britain; the ferry and Channel tunnel give you plenty of European options too!

TRAIN – When hopping on public transport for longer distances there are some extra considerations to take, starting with entertainment for your baby. You will be around other people so aim to keep the volume down; take quieter music toys, soft teddies, and teething rings. Baby mirrors, books and plastic keys can work too; see what you have around. Having your own baby seat can also make this less stressful, as can bringing a comforting blanket from home.

PLANE – As with trains quieter toys are necessary and although you will be sharing your seat with your baby, you can request a bassinet for long haul flights, which will give you a break and hopefully allow some decent sleep time. When it comes to boarding, get there a bit early. You’ll want to be one of the first, giving you time to settle and get used to the new environment.

Planes are often cooler so layer soft comfortable clothing (with a spare outfit or two) that’s easy to change; our zip-up daysuit is perfect for this, with temperature regulating merino that keeps warm in cold planes but maintains a cooler body temperature at warmer destinations. They are also quick and easy to change in and out of! Along these lines a blanket is also handy, particularly one like this that will be helpful both on the plane and in the evenings. 

Remember how your ears pop during takeoff and landing? Babies can benefit from feeding during these times (bottle or breastfeeding), and it increases your chances of them sleeping through the flight too!

When on the plane make sure you get up and move around now and then. This is essential for both parent and baby to keep circulation flowing, and to avoid baby getting irritated by sitting still so long.

Hydration is essential for all, so make sure you take a bottle of cool water for yourself, and cooled boiled water for your little one. Dehydration can lead to a grizzly child which neither you nor your fellow passengers want!

Wipes, nappies and muslins should always be at the ready  -take a bag that will fit under the seat and is easy to access – best not to put all your baby gear in a wheelie cabin bag that needs to be stored in the overhead locker!  A backpack is perfect as it will leave your hands free in the airport and be useful for any day trips once you arrive.

As mentioned in part one of this travel blog, consider the Steri Bottle for long haul trips as you’ll find it hard to sterilise on the go.

The Holiday

There are so many types of holidays each coming with their own experiences so just have fun! Vacations are a relaxing time so chill out and don’t take on too many activities so that neither you nor baby gets stressed out. If you plan on going into busier areas avoid anywhere touristy, and pick the coolest, least crowded times. Build in plenty of play and naptime so that everybody can enjoy the holiday without spending too much time in a sling or buggy.

And finally, if your baby is old enough, this is the perfect time to get them trying new flavours. Whether it’s their first mouthful of feta, or a fresh juicy mango, food is an essential part of a holiday so enjoy it as a family!

We hope your upcoming Summer now feels less like a distant, terrifying dream and that you now feel prepared for your first big holiday adventures with your baby!

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